Golden boar Solutions offer a number of services that can help your business grow. These services can be supplied remotely or from your office. We are willing to take on any work from software development through to management of your teams. Reach out to find out more about the offerings listed below, and if you don't see what you are looking for then we will do our best to adapt to satisfy your exact needs.

Bespoke Software

Allow us to build exactly what you need to succeed. We work with you to develop tailored solutions to your problems.

Data Processing and Analysis

Development of tooling for all of your data needs. Telemetry, analysis, and data transforms supplied to your requirements.

Game Development

We work with custom engines and commercial systems. Helping you to make games your players will love.

Mobile Development

Creation of new apps, updating and porting of existing products. Custom mobile solutions for Android and iOS.

Pipeline Development

Pipelines and workflows that improve the way you work. Faster builds, smoother deployment of DLC, quicker results.

Programming Assistance

We can augment your team, rebuild legacy code, optimize your projects, and advise on how to improve your software.

Project Management

Agile project management to meet your goals. Planning and organization of tasks to improve timeline estimations.

Requirement Analysis

Requirement analysis to identify dependencies, development planning to mitigate risks, leading to smoother execution.

Technical Management

From leadership of small teams to running your entire technical department, reducing your need to train or hire new staff.