Our Mission

  • Enable others to succeed by improving their software development abilities, while simultaneously reducing their costs
  • Supply reliable, personalized and knowledgeable training and solutions for the success of others


About Us

Golden Boar Solutions is located in the beautiful city of Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island, Canada. We offer a number of Technical and non-technical services, to ensure your future success. We cater to both public and private sectors, believing that everyone is entitled to the best service possible. Regardless of the size of your company, we will offer professional services tailored to you, ensuring that technology doesn't prevent your future achievements.


Our Owner 

Golden Boar Solutions is owned and operated by Dave Slip. Dave has been in the software development industry since 2003, working as a technical leader and developer in a number of different industries. Mobile development, video games, casinos, industrial simulation, automation and live service are all arenas in which Dave has experience.